About me

Juliane Schmitt - Portrait

My name is Juliane Schmitt. I hold the equivalent of a master's degree in translation (English and Dutch) from Heidelberg University. For Dutch, I am an interpreter under general oath and an authorised translator for the courts and notaries of Berlin. I also work for the Berlin police as an interpreter and translator for Dutch, with verified reliability in this capacity.




I mainly translate from Dutch and English into German. My specialist subjects include:

  • Crime
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Cosmetics
  • Tourism
  • Children
  • Art

Other Services

  • Live interpretation of talks and discussions
  • Transcription of audio and audio-visual recordings



If you would like a quotation for a translation, please send me the source text by e-mail, in an editable format if possible. State the purpose of the translation.

I can then draw up a quotation based on the source text and quote a total price. My rates are usually based on an amount per line (55 characters including spaces).

If the text is only available in a format that does not enable the characters to be counted, I calculate the price of the translation on the basis of the translated text. In such cases, I can quote a line rate but not the total price of the final translation.

In some cases, I charge an hourly rate, for example if a large amount of research is involved or if a text needs adapting or rewriting in the target language. I will discuss this with you in advance.

Please note: Experience has shown that most texts are not completely error-free or unambiguous. For this reason, it is important for a contact person to be available to answer questions during the course of the translation.

Other Services

All other services are charged by the hour. Where applicable, travel expenses may be added.